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Community Access Service

Side By Side will help plan and supervise the best possible community visits for you and your children, in the community where you live. Contact us today to find out more.

Parenting Support

Breaking up is hard – especially when kids are involved. Side By Side licensed Social Workers can help support you through the transition to build strong, emotional ties with your children.

Supervised Exchange & Access

When tensions are high, we offer safe, neutral, child-focused supervision by trained facilitators to exchange your children and allow all parties to build healthy relationships with them.

Schedule of Events

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No events hours available!
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  • The explosion of the COVID-19 virus has disrupted access visits for parents and children. With the uncertainty of its end, it is more than ever essential that parents and children maintain their relationships.
  • Registration is required, “Register Online” button, or contact, or call 905-428-8654
  • Time limit:15-40mins (dependent on child’s age)
    Fee starts at: $45(plus HST) per 30min. access
  • Our Mission

    Our Vision, Mission and Goals

    Side by Side respects YOU!Vision:

    To promote healthy children, strong families and striving communities.


    To help support and empower families in their relationships.


    When Custody and Access issues arise, everyone is affected… especially the children. And when Supervised Access is required, the number of questions and concerns from parents and caregivers often times DOUBLE!

    At Side by Side Services, we aim to help build healthy, loving child-parent relationships during some very tough, personal times in their lives. We work with each one of you individually on a common focus – to support and encourage your children through this transition, guiding them and you through. It is our goal to support the healthy development of emotionally stable children and to nurture all parties – you and them – every step of the way.





    What we offer



    Therapeutic Access is when a parent requires additional support in developing a relationship with their children.  This is due to lack of ability or the inability to manage their child’s behavior or when there has been a long separation from their child or when the child has been exposed to parental violence and there is a great feeling of fear in the child.
    Side by Side Services will provide the support and guidance while helping to alleviate these concerns.


    When there is no concern for the safety of the child a parent or caregiver will have the opportunity to have their visit with the child in the community supervised by a trained facilitator. Community Access includes parent and child activities, dining out, and other communal activies. Side by Side Services will assist in planning meaningful activities for the child and parent.

    Supervised Exchanges occur when there is high conflict and unresolved issues between parents, and so a neutral place to exchange children for visits is needed. This reduces the tension and lessens the safety risks for the child. Supervised Exchanges also occur when there are concerns for parents under the influence of drug or alcohol or the safety of the custodial parent during the exchange.

    When there are challenges in parenting and parents are in need of support services, Side by Side Services will provide that service in their home. Assessment and observation of the parent and child interaction is also available.

    Support in the home can also occur if a child has been away for an extended period of time.  Side By Side Services will provide support.  However, parents will need to meet certain criteria to have this service available.


    We offer counselling to parents to help build their relationship with their children.

    Reunification Therapy rebuilds a parent-child relationship when there are identified challenges of estrangement or parental alienation.

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