All Things Are Temporary – Even Supervised Access

If you are like many parents and in a situation where your time with your children is supervised, you are most likely angry, hurt and frustrated, to name a few. For your child, supervised access comes with fears and anxieties.

Father and son enjoying some together time

Father and son using supervised access an opportunity together 

Supervised access is an opportunity to be with your child to learn and grow

When helping parents in this process, feelings of having some “stranger” watch them while they visit their children in what feels like a never ending situation is common. Like all things this is temporary. In order to build and maintain your relationship and help your child, the circumstance must be looked at with a positive point of view towards learning and growing. Here are some to help while having supervised access:

  • Take the time to learn about your child, likes and dislikes
  • Involve your child in planning activities
  • Plan out activities you would like to do at each visit, for example, teaching your child a new card game
  • Do a science project with your child
  • Pick a chapter book to read at each visit with a goal of completing it together
  • If your child is young, teach them a new song, dance with them, be silly with them
  • If your child is into video games, learn more about it and if possible play a game with them
  • If your child likes Lego build it with them
  • If your child likes to paint, plan a paint project to do at each visit
  • If the centre allows, have a meal with your child
  • Be silly, laugh with your child and follow their lead

The position you are in might feel like a life sentence however, it is not. Supervised access is an opportunity to be with your child to learn and grow. The situation is temporary and the time spent with your child will last a lifetime. To help plan for a positive and healthy visit with your child seek assistance from an access centre. As they say, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade and sometimes even lemon meringue pie.