Parenting Through Family Holidays

At Thanksgiving, we all want to spend special time with family. The holiday is tailored for just these, moments with our most precious relationships and special individuals. Kids, parents, grandparents, extended family and friends are the ones we want close, because they make us who we are. Throw in a few family birthdays, Christmas, annual holidays,…

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Parenting From the Sideline

So the story goes something like this… three days before my teenage son Myles’ (not his real name) progress report was due, he text me to say “Mom, I need a tutor for math.” In a normal situation a parent would commend their teenage child for taking this initiative.  However, this is not a normal…

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Back To School: Our Fears Are Our Fears

It is that time again, ‘back to school’. Like many parents, we try our best to organize and plan for the upcoming school year. We spend a large sum of money buying back to school supplies and clothes.  With the stress of organizing schedules, sleeps and lunches come other stresses. Not only do we worry…

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