Never Give Up, It Will Be Rewarding in the End

I know the statement may not seem promising, but it is so true.

I have been fighting to stay in my son’s life ever since he was born. His mother kept trying to take me to court and trying to stop my visitation rights. I went through supervised access visits, to reintegration therapy, back to supervised visits again, onto supervised community visits and lastly to supervised exchanges.

I even went to anger management. Everything she asked me to do to see my son, I did. It felt as though she was trying to discourage me and have me give up on seeing my son. I never gave up.
I never gave up.

To the courts, I proved that I was a good father and got their respect. I will admit, there were a few times I wanted to give up, thinking I was hurting my son with the process. However, I talked to professionals that dealt with my son and they all told me not to give up and keep fighting for my rights because my son needed me in his life.

My son’s mother and family were not supportive, but I kept a level head and have been a good father, in the eyes of my son.

When my son grew older and started to defend me, his mother went out and bought him games that he turned around and enjoyed playing at my house. He was told he didn’t have to come to my house to play these games.

The key thing I kept in mind was not to
put my son in the middle of this fight with his mother

I started a motion against his mother to have visits with my son reinstated. The courts reinstated visits only to have his mother state that my son didn’t want to see me and was scared of me. I knew this was not true and decided to file two more motions against his mother to prove to her, and my son, I was never going to give up.

The courts saw how dedicated I was to be a supportive father and involved the Office of the Children’s Lawyer (OCL). The OCL wrote reports that were not very positive for my son’s mother.

During my last visit to court, my son’s mother’s lawyer requested we will settle and I told her there was no way, we are too far apart. When I left court that day, I had a new court order with all my visits and overnight stays with my son back.

Father and son enjoying some together time

My son’s mother cooperated and agreed to the terms. She even added more stipulations for me to get more visits with my son. In my opinion, she realized I was never going to give up and finally understood what her actions were doing to our son by stopping our visits.

The key thing I kept in mind was not to put my son in the middle of this fight with his mother and always think about keeping him safe. I never told him anything negative about his mother. After all, it is his mother and he loves her. Negative words towards her will just turn him against me. I admit there were times I thought about playing dirty like her, but I thought what this would do to my son and never did it.

There was a lot I went through to get where I am now, but I would not change a thing and don’t regret a single minute.

I never gave up and I followed my heart and instincts.

So never give up.

The results will be rewarding in the end.