Debbie Miles-Senior

Debbie Miles-Senior is a Registered Social Worker, with a BA in Psychology and over 20 years experience working with families, children and youth. In Ms. Miles-Senior years of experience, she has found parenting to be the biggest challenge and the most rewarding experience.


Her passion is best demonstrated in her ability and commitment to empower and provide support to individuals, parents and young people. Ms. Miles-Senior’s work with parents and children in environments such as the Children’s Aid Society, local school board, employment counselling, settlement services and youth serving organizations have all molded her skills in understanding family dynamics and working with families. In the years of Ms. Miles-Seniors’ employment, volunteer activities and experience as a parent, a common theme is evident with those who have come to work with her – the need to develop security in relationships and support individuals through validation and respect.


In making a difference in the lives of families, parents and children Ms. Miles-Senior created Side By Side Services. The vision of Side by Side Services is to support and empower families in their relationships while helping parents maintain a positive, healthy connection with their children. Ms. Miles-Senior works tirelessly to empower and help meet the needs of families and children while staying busy with her husband to parent their three children.


Ms. Miles- Senior, can be contacted at sbsaccess@gmail,com or at 416.518.1569