Mother’s Day – Charmaine

Being a mom today we have the freedom and flexibility to define the mother we want to be. 

At times, having so much choice can lead to self-judgment, doubt, and guilt of not doing or being enough, especially once we compare ourselves to other mothers.

As a mom of young children, here’s what I would go back and tell myself as a new first-time mom.
You don’t need to do it all. It’s ok to ask for help. Take care of yourself.  Make sure to eat regular healthy meals, drink lots of water, exercise and sleep. It’s ok for you to get pampered, whatever that means to you. You need time for you. When you’re rested and happy, you are strong and only then can you be strong for all of those who need you. Research all you want and then listen to your gut.  Your intuition won’t steer you wrong.

You, being you at your best is exactly the mom your child needs.