Mother’s Day – Farida

I was a perfect parent before I had children.

I would watch other parents, in the stores yelling at their child for what appeared to be small indiscretions and would shake my head in silent indignation. What I didn’t see, with my self-righteous attitude, was the 100 times before when the parent lovingly corrected the child’s behaviour.

My reality check came when I found myself hiding in the bathroom from my child, totally exhausted from talking so much. I called a friend and asked, what do I do when nothing works? She laughed and told me, that’s why you have two children, if you mess up the first one, you can correct it with the second child.

Over the years, I have yelled, made mistakes, experienced self-doubt and frustration. But, I have also experienced joy, inspiration, love, and pride in seeing my children develop their own personal sense of self. Its ice cream on the cake when my 13-year-old daughter says “Mom you’re awesome,” as I challenge her to a dance battle – that I know I’ll win!