Mother’s Day – Vicky


In so many ways, I felt that my life and being, never truly began until I became a mother. As many times as you may be told beforehand, you never realize that there was an enormous abyss in your soul that could only be awakened until you have children.

There is such joy and pride in the smallest, most ridiculous things; things that likely only other mothers would understand. Like when your infant finally sleeps through the night, or when your children have spaghetti for the first time and more ends up smeared and stained across their face and throughout their hair. Or like when they ride a bike for the first time or get on the bus to go to school.

Sadly, it seems they’re more prepared for these milestones than we are. But perhaps that’s the lesson to be learned, we did it, we as their mothers did it. We did it and continue to prepare them for the road ahead. The fact that they don’t look back as they get on the school bus while we bawl our eyes out.

We made them that strong, that capable, that ready for life. We did that. And we should darn well be proud of ourselves because ladies, I know, it ain’t been an easy road. But we did it. And we continue to do it. Despite all of the obstacles, despite all of the roadblocks – we are warriors when it comes to our children. There is nothing that will stop us from getting them from where we know they are, to where they need to be.

And ladies, I hate to be the one to say it, because I hate to be the one to believe it, but our angels, our children, they will grow up. They will become adults. And we will cry – somewhat of sadness, but mostly at the men and women that they have become. And please, please, let there be a little angel on your shoulder, whispering in your ear: “Mom, you did that. You did well. Be proud. The road doesn’t stop here.”