Being a Good Father Matters Every Day

Fathers, You Matter!  

Here at Side by Side Supervised Access Services we believe in providing the best outcomes for parents and their children. With Father’s Day approaching, we would like to highlight the benefits that fathers provide when engaged in a child’s life.  

Historically speaking, dads or father figures were generally understood to teach toddlers to walk and play catch with limited involvement in the early stages of a child’s life. Fathers were not usually involved in the pregnancy or newborn phase. However, recent research suggests the earlier a father becomes involved with their kid’s life, the better. And as time has progressed, so has the role fathers play from conception to childhood and beyond.  

According to “quality of time is more important than the quantity of time.” Marcy Carlson, a sociologist at the University of Wisconsin shares creative ways in which fathers who live apart from their kids can engage in quality exchanges. Carlson suggests, “writing letters or phone calls shows dads care and want to be involved.” In addition, Carlson continues “There’s tons of evidence that financial support of kids is good for their outcomes.” Finally, Carlson stresses that just because fathers are around, doesn’t mean they can rest on their laurels and hope that will automatically benefit their children. She states, “The quantity in interaction doesn’t really benefit kids, but if you have more high-quality, engaged parenting, that does seem to be positively related to better outcomes for children.” The fact remains: being a good father or father figure matters every day! 

To read more of the article, “The Science of Dad and the “Father Effect,” by Joshua A. Krisch visit: 

                              Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th!

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  • I'm sure you can guess September 24, 2019 - 2:56pm

    While this message is great in theory, it falls very short in reality. When you are regulated to a few short hours per week to be able to be a father to your children, it makes “quality” time have a whole new meaning. When you are regulated to a few short hours per week to be a parent to your children, you are NOT a parent anymore than a convenient babysitter. Generally, the ones who are advocating for fathers to “be involved” and “ensure you have quality time” with your children, are not and never will experience what fathers have to experience. It is almost an insult to our intelligence to imply otherwise and suggest actions for which we have zero control over. Quality time when ex’s withhold access is impossible. Quality time when access exchange services, randomly, cancel access exchanges, is impossible. Quality time when you see your children for a few hours a week, is virtually impossible. Please stop putting this onus on fathers. We are doing the best we can and implying that we are not doing our best, given the circumstances, is both slightly insulting and also slightly ignorant to the real life issues experienced by most.


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