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 Therapeutic Access

momchildlookingoutTherapeutic Access is when a parent requires additional support in developing the relationships with their children.  This is due to lack of ability or the inability to manage their child’s behavior or when there has been a long separation from their children or when the child has been exposed to parental conflict and there is a great feeling of fear by the child.  Side by Side Services will provide the support and guidance while helping to alleviate these concerns.

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Supervised Access in the Community

familyfeedingducksWhen there is no concern for the safety of the child, parent or caregiver there will be an opportunity to have visits in the community supervised by a trained facilitator. Community Access will include parent and child activities, dining out and more.  Side by Side Services will assist in planning meaningful activities for both parent and child.


Supervised Exchanges

Supervised Exchanges occurs when there is high conflict and unresolved issues between parents, and so a neutral place to exchange children for visits is needed. This reduces the tension and lessens the safety risk for the child. Exchanges can also occur when there are concerns for parents under the influence of drug or alcohol or the safety of the custodial parent during the exchange.


Parenting Support in the Home

Grandfather holding child

A grandfather holds and hugs his child

When there are challenges in parenting  and parents are in need of support services, Side by Side Services will provide parenting support in the home.  Assessment and observation of the parent and child interaction will be available.  Support in the home will also occur if a child has been away from the home for a period of time.  Services by a qualified professional can be made available upon request.  Parents will need to meet certain criteria to have this service available.

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Reunification Therapy & Counselling

daddaughterWe offer counselling to parents to help build their relationship with their children.

Reunification Therapy rebuilds a parent-child relationship when there are identified challenges of estrangement or parental alienation.


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