Being a Good Father Matters Every Day

Fathers, You Matter!   Here at Side by Side Supervised Access Services we believe in providing the best outcomes for parents and their children. With Father’s Day approaching, we would like to highlight the benefits that fathers provide when engaged in a child’s life.   Historically speaking, dads or father figures were generally understood to teach toddlers to walk and play catch with limited…

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Co-Parenting through Separation

  When two individuals make the commitment to enter into a relationship, this sometimes includes the commitment to be parents. With this decision and the commitment made by each, begins a plan of a lifelong partnership. Unfortunately many relationships can change for the worst and the only solution is separation. Today we know many marriages…

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How to Arrange Supervised Access

How to apply for the supervised access program Referrals can be made through your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, then a self-referral is acceptable. We require a copy of the court order or signed separation agreement which specifies the conditions of access such as, times, dates, and frequency of the visits. We…

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