Mother’s Day – Viola

Love grew from my heart, and as my own mother said, it is like a tickle in your heart that you can’t scratch.

Early in my motherhood journey, I had a C-section to deliver a tiny, but beautiful daughter. I was soon overwhelmed with the immense responsibility to raise this little girl well. I prayed because I knew I could not do it effectively on my own, even though I had done all to prepare.

God heard my prayer, and my daughter was growing to be a unique individual with her own joys, wonderments, and explorations.

In 1994, I was diagnosed with cancer, and almost immediately, as soon as we tried NOT to get pregnant, I conceived a second daughter, who was born the following May. She was born healthy, hungry, and late, and I was exhausted, but so thankful.

This girl has grown up to be a giving, loving individual who delivers on empowering individuals who are in crisis.

After a number of years of loving and raising my daughters, the Lord took pleasure in blessing me not only with health, but with a son—a mighty young man who is funny, compassionate, and a genuine help around our home. He comes with a wonderful mix of teasing, snuggling, whining, jostling, and a quirky, but fun sense of humour all wrapped in the shell of an introvert. He notices people on the fringes like his sister and is not afraid to reach out to them.

My philosophy as a mother is that we only have so many years to build these young ones, and so this is our time to do the best job we can with what we have available to us.

I have a good relationship with my daughters who are now adults, and enjoy being a mentor to them while enjoying leisure time with them as equals.

I take seriously, the goal of raising my sons to be the kind of men that daughters would be blessed to marry. Hence, I have been intentional about finding good mentors to help mold them into upstanding young men.

As a mom, I have observed that no matter how hard I tried, there are just some things I could not do for my sons because I don’t have the “guy know-how” to get quite the same effective results. However, I did my best and sought help when I needed it. I have forgiven myself for the mistakes I’ve made while cherishing the time I’ve had to raise my children. Has it been perfect? Nope, but I would gladly do it all again for the joy motherhood brings.